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The principle and function of beauty radio frequency


The principle of cosmetic RF is to emit RF waves that penetrate the surface of the skin and act on the bottom of the skin; The function is to promote collagen contraction and so on.

1. Principle: RF beauty instrument is a relatively advanced equipment, which mainly uses RF waves to directly penetrate the surface of the skin, prompting skin cells to produce strong resonance rotation, generating heat energy, prompting the collagen tissue and cell tissue to heat up, prompting the underlying skin temperature to rise instantaneously, stimulating the dermis, leading to the tightening of collagen and promoting collagen regeneration.

2. Function: The radiofrequency beauty solution can promote the contraction of collagen in the skin, cool the skin surface, heat the dermis and the normal temperature of the epidermis can cause the deep layer of the skin to thicken, promote wrinkles to become shallow or even disappear, and can also achieve the remodeling of the subcutaneous collagen tissue shape, prompting the skin to become tighter.

In order to ensure the treatment effect, it is necessary to seek beauty to the regular hospital plastic surgery department to seek standardized treatment.

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