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What method hair removal good


Laser hair removal, waxing, hair removal cream and hair removal blades are generally recommended methods for hair removal.

General recommended methods for hair removal:

1. Laser hair removal: The heat generated by the laser can also make the hair follicle necrosis, achieve the effect of hair removal, but you may feel the local skin burning sensation, skin peeling or residual pigmentation and other discomfort.

2. Waxing: Apply the waxing wax to the skin along the direction of hair, and tear the film along the direction of hair growth after it becomes a film, and pull the hair up. Because the wax is a biological agent, so this way of hair removal does not stimulate the skin, but the pain will be very strong when hair removal, and it is easy to cause inflammation of the hair follicles.

3. Hair removal cream: Hair removal cream is a chemical agent containing thioglycolic acid, which can dissolve the hair so as to achieve the effect of hair removal, this hair removal method is simple and easy, but because this product is a chemical agent, it will cause skin sting discomfort, not suitable for sensitive skin people.

4. Hair removal blade: hair removal single piece is to directly shave the hair, it is very convenient to use, but it may not be completely clean and it is easy to cause new hair to grow more and more coarse, improper operation is also easy to scratch the skin.

Hair removal precautions:

1. Pay attention to choosing the right way, but also choose regular hospitals and appropriate products to remove hair.

2. Avoid sun exposure before and after operation.

3. Do not hide your past illness from the doctor, so that he fully understands the physical condition of the beauty seeker.

4. A few beauty lovers may have slight redness and swelling after hair removal, which can be relieved by cold compress according to the doctor's advice.

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