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Can hair removal machine permanently remove hair?


Hair removal This matter, for many friends with strong body hair, is a repeated cycle, troubling process. In recent years, the wind of hair removal instrument is particularly large, has started hair removal instrument or still watching friends will have a lot of doubts, hair removal instrument can permanent hair removal?

The principle of hair growth

Hair is made up of roots and stems. The roots of the hair include hair follicles, dermal papillae, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, nerve endings, upright pili muscles, hair blast cells, and microscopic blood vessels.

Hair stem

Including the ends, the center and the roots of the hair. Hair follicles and dermal papillae are the factories where hair is made and from which it grows. The lower part of the hair follicle (stem and bulb), which is the center of hair growth, consists mainly of mature hair blast cells, with a small number of melanocytes. Hair blast cells, as the "engine" of hair growth, are directly affected by hair-inducing factors and constantly divide to produce new hair cells.

The growth cycle of hair

The growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period (2-7 years), resting period (3-4 weeks) and shedding period (March-April). About 85%

Hair is in the growth phase and can last for about 7 years. Only 1% of the hair is in the rest period, after the growth period enters the rest period, maintenance (3-4) weeks, the hair no longer get nutrients from the hair papilla, the hair roots begin to thin. 14% of the hair is in the shedding stage, maintain (3-4) months, atrophic hair, hair roots move up to the sebaceous glands at the mouth; During the shedding period, new hair begins to grow inside the follicle.

The principle of hair removal instrument

The principle of the hair removal device is the "selective photothermal effect" of light, which acts on the hair follicle, and breaks the hair blast cell of the hair follicle through heat conduction, so that the hair blast cell is inactivated and the hair follicle is destroyed, so that the hair no longer grows.

The principle of the home optical hair removal device and the semiconductor laser hair removal device in the hospital is the same, which is the "selective photothermal effect" of light.

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