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Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device
  • Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty DeviceEye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device
  • Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty DeviceEye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device

Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device

FASIZ, a renowned manufacturer and supplier in China, specializes in creating top-notch Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Devices. If you're seeking a high-quality device at an affordable price, we're here to assist you. Our products are globally renowned and possess various patents and certifications, guaranteeing their reliability and effectiveness.


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Product Description

FZ-617(Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device)

The main features of this Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device are:

Function: EMS micro-current mode,

1000kHz RF frequency and 100kHz HF active RF frequency can be selected.

For eye skin problems, it is suitable for all skin.

 Main parameters of Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device

Product name

RF Eye Massager wand

Model No


Product Weight


Product size








Main application of Eye Skin Tightening RF Beauty Device

The eye massager is a kind of massage equipment specially designed for the eyes. It adopts a variety of massage techniques to effectively relieve eye fatigue by simulating the touch of real massage. It combines modern science and technology with the massage principle of traditional Chinese medicine, and stimulates the acupoints around the eyes through various ways such as warmth, vibration and air pressure, so as to promote the blood circulation of the eyes and accelerate metabolism, thus alleviating the problems such as eye fatigue and dryness. Eye massager has many advantages. First of all, it is portable and convenient to use anytime and anywhere. No matter during work break, rest time or long-distance travel, you can easily enjoy the comfort brought by eye massage. Secondly, the operation of the eye massager is simple, and no professional skills are needed. Just attach the massager to the eyes and choose the appropriate massage mode. In addition, the eye massager also has a variety of massage modes, which can be adjusted according to individual needs to meet the massage needs of different people. Of course, the eye massager can't completely cure the eye problems, but it plays a more preventive and alleviating role. While using the eye massager, we should also maintain good living habits, such as regular rest, staying away from electronic equipment, and keeping enough sleep, so as to truly protect our eyes.

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