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Radio Frequency Skin Care Device
  • Radio Frequency Skin Care DeviceRadio Frequency Skin Care Device
  • Radio Frequency Skin Care DeviceRadio Frequency Skin Care Device

Radio Frequency Skin Care Device

Dongguan Zhimi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of household personal skin beauty and hair care products,such as skin care device,ipl laser hair removal device and hair dryer.It is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We have our own production department and provide OEM and ODM services. Our products have passed strict quality control and have long-term cooperative relationships with customers in many countries. We support logo and packaging customization, as well as provide samples. Our company's purpose is to "provide customers with high-quality products and after-sales services."


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Product Description

FZ-620(Radio frequency skin care device)

The main features of radio frequency skin care device

1. Facial cleaning,penetration,lifting,beauty,cool in one device.

2. It has 6 functions-Ultrasonic clean,input,EMS lift,wrinkle removal,eye care,blue light treatment.

3. It’s effection-Clean pore deeply,improve nutrition absorbtion,diminish puffiness,remove wrinkle,shrink pore.

4. It has two functions: hot compress and ice compress, and can deeply clean pores through vibration.

Main parameters of radio frequency skin care device

Power supply


Full charge time


Input Parameter

USB recharge




DC 5V/1.5A

Main application of Radio frequency skin care device

With the continuous development of radio frequency technology and the growing demand for beauty products, radio frequency beauty instruments are increasingly used in the beauty industry. According to statistics, the global radiofrequency beauty device market is growing in size and is expected to maintain a high annual compound growth rate in the future. This shows that radiofrequency beauty instruments have broad development prospects in the beauty market.

Radio frequency beauty instruments are widely used in the field of beauty. Its main functions and effects are as follows:

1. Anti-wrinkle and skin tightening. The radio frequency beauty instrument enters the subcutaneous tissue by emitting wireless on-demand signals, and uses the principle that the collagen fibers in the dermis will immediately shrink at a specific temperature to produce a tightening effect on the skin. It can also stimulate the dermis to secrete more new collagen fibers to regenerate, thereby filling in wrinkles and improving skin sagging.

2. Shrink pores and fade spots. Radiofrequency beauty equipment can stimulate local collagen contraction in the skin, promote pore shrinkage, and improve enlarged pores. Its warming effect can also stimulate skin cell metabolism and help fade spots.

3. Lean Muscle. Radiofrequency technology can improve local muscle hypertrophy. It mainly uses high-frequency alternating current to cause tissue ions to vibrate and generate friction and heat, causing local high heating effects and promoting fiber shrinkage, tension and deformation.


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