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Blackhead Removal Device
  • Blackhead Removal DeviceBlackhead Removal Device
  • Blackhead Removal DeviceBlackhead Removal Device
  • Blackhead Removal DeviceBlackhead Removal Device
  • Blackhead Removal DeviceBlackhead Removal Device

Blackhead Removal Device

High quality Blackhead Removal Device is offered by China manufacturer FASIZ. Buy Blackhead Removal Device which is of high quality directly with low price. The blackhead removal device produced by our company are exported to Asia, North America and Europe. We are the original factory with high product price advantage and quality assurance, and support customer customization.


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Product Description

FZ-616(Blackhead Removal Device)

The main features of this blackhead removal device are:three grades of light suction, moderate suction and strength suction are optional;5 suction tips with different sizes, suitable for all skin 45 beak design

Function:Three Kinds Of Strength Are Designed For Different Skin Types, Suitable For All Skin Types;Bird's Beak Type Patent Design, 45°Inclined Suction Nozzle, Close To The Skin;Equipped with 5 types of suction heads, corresponding to different parts, deep cleaning pores.

Main parameters of Blackhead Removal Device



Power Supply Mode



        Mild,moderate,heavy suction

Net Weight


Main machine size


Main application of Blackhead Removal Device

Blackheads, as a common manifestation of skin problems, often trouble many people.They not only affect the beauty of the skin, but may also cause a series of skin problems, such as enlarged pores, inflammation, etc.Therefore, finding an effective method to remove blackheads has become an urgent need for many people.The blackhead remover, as a beauty tool that specifically targets blackhead problems, is gradually becoming more and more popular.

The blackhead remover uses advanced physical adsorption and deep cleaning technology to effectively remove blackheads without causing damage to the skin.Its working principle is mainly to suck blackheads out of pores through negative pressure adsorption, and combine with deep cleaning technology to completely remove dirt and grease in pores, thereby achieving the purpose of removing blackheads.Compared with traditional blackhead removal methods, blackhead removers have many advantages.First of all, its blackhead removal effect is more significant.Through the dual functions of physical adsorption and deep cleaning, the blackhead remover can remove blackheads more thoroughly and avoid recurring problems.Secondly, the blackhead remover is more convenient to use.It does not require complicated steps, just one tap to start the process of removing blackheads.In addition, the blackhead removal device also has the characteristics of high safety performance and wide application range, and is suitable for people of different skin types and age groups.

However, despite the many advantages of blackhead removers, we still need to pay attention to some things when using them.First of all, make sure you choose a blackhead remover that suits your skin type and needs to avoid skin problems caused by improper use.Secondly, during use, you must follow correct operating procedures to avoid skin damage caused by overuse or improper use.In addition, for people with sensitive skin or other skin problems, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor before use.

As a beauty tool that specifically targets blackhead problems, the blackhead remover has become an ideal choice for modern beauty seekers with its significant blackhead removal effect and convenient use.It allows us to say goodbye to blackheads easily, glow with new radiance, and have healthier and more beautiful skin.With the continuous advancement of technology, we believe that the blackhead remover will continue to be optimized and upgraded in the future, bringing us a more excellent skin care experience.

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